Which Family Bike is right for me and/or my family? This can sometimes be a very hard question to answer. Here at Marshall's Cycles we can help you choose a bike that will suit your riding needs.

We have put together this information on the different types of Family bikes available on the market today. Yes! It can all be very confusing…If you need any questions answered you can send us an email, call on (03) 5278 3839 or simply drop into the store for a chat.



Flat Bar Road/Fitness Bike
Road touring bicycles have a frame geometry designed to provide a comfortable ride and stable, predictable handling when laden with baggage, provisions for the attachment of fenders and mounting points for carrier racks and panniers.

Modern road tourers may employ 700 c (622mm) wheels — the same diameter as a road (racing) bicycle. Other road touring bike may feature wider rims and more clearance in the frame for wider tires. Before the 1990s, many touring bikes were built with 27-inch (630mm) wheels which have a slightly larger diameter.

Other touring bikes use 26-inch wheels for touring bikes, for both off-road and on-road use. Advantages of the slightly smaller wheel include additional strength, worldwide tire availability, and lighter weight. Some touring bicycles, such as the Surly Long Haul Trucker, are built around 26" (559mm) wheels in smaller sizes and 700 c wheels in larger sizes, to keep the frame geometry optimal through the size range. Specially-made touring tires for 26" wheels are now widely available, especially in developing countries, where 700C may be difficult to obtain.

Sport Touring
The sport/touring bicycle is a very lightweight touring bike fitted with lighter wheels and narrower 25–32 mm (1 - 1.125-inch) tires. It may also be described as a road racing bike fitted with heavier tires and slightly more relaxed frame geometry (though still quicker than the average road touring bike). It is designed as a fast-handling, responsive and quick day touring machine.

As such, it is intended to carry only the rider and very light loads. Gearing is often a mix of closely-spaced ratios for speed, combined with a few low gears for long climbs. Sport/touring bikes may sometimes have provisions for mounting slim fenders and a rear carrier or pannier rack, though in the interests of weight savings and quicker handling, most do not.

Hybrid bicycle
A hybrid bicycle is a bicycle designed for general-purpose utility or commuter cycling on paved and unpaved roads, paths, and rail trails. Also known under such names as City bike, Cross bike, or Commuter, Comfort, the hybrid takes design features from both the road bike and mountain bike, with the goal of making a bike for general commuting and transportation.

In general, hybrids use the mountain bike's triple crank, together with the latter's handlebars giving a more upright posture than road bicycles. They also usually use one of the kinds of brakes used on mountain bikes, namely linear pull, or disc. From the road bicycle they take the 700 c (larger) wheel diameter for higher speeds, but use a wider rim and tire, 28 – 40mm for increased strength.

Folding Bicycle
A folding bicycle incorporates special design features enabling the bike to fold into a compact form, thereby facilitating transport or storage. When folded, the bikes can be more easily carried into buildings, into workplace or onto public transportation (facilitating mixed-mode commuting) — or more easily stored in compact living quarters or aboard cars, boats or airplanes.

The folding mechanisms themselves are highly variable, with each design offering a unique combination of folding speed, folding ease, compactness, engineering, ride, weight, durability and price.

Distinguished by the complexities of their folding mechanism, more demanding structural requirements, greater number of parts, and more specialized market appeal, folding bikes may be more expensive than comparable non-folding models.
Sometimes categorized as folding bicycles, another group of bikes (also called break-away models) may separate into pieces rather than fold.

Trailer Bike
Trailer bikes (also known as a trailer cycle or a third wheel, and trademarked names Trailer bike, Trail-a-bike, Half wheeler, Tagalong...) are a one-wheeled (or more rarely two-wheeled) bicycle trailer designed to carry one or more small riders in positions that closely resemble that of a bicycle rider. It can be described as the back half of a bicycle.

The rider of a trailer bike usually has a saddle, handlebars, and pedals. Some fold for more compact storage.

Children's bikes
Children's bikes come in a verity of sizes in Girls and Boys.

12" Balance bike have no cranks they are a great start to the bicycling world, suitable age 2-4
12" BMX suitable age 3-5
16" BMX suitable age 5-7
20" Jr BMX suitable age 7-10
20" BMX suitable age 9+
20" Mini MTB suitable age 8 -10
24" MTB suitable age 10 – 13
26" MTB suitable age 12+

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